The course of the mobility

After the mobility

Within 2 weeks after the mobility, you are obliged to submit the following documents to the Erasmus + Program Coordinator:

– Confirmation of stay with the date of beginning and completing the mobility (it is necessary for settling accounts for the mobility) – original document

– Transcript of Records issued by the partner university – original document

You have to complete the language proficiency test in OLS and submit a report of your mobility. Once these formalities have been completed, the remaining part of the grant will be paid or the subsidy will be reduced (in case of a much shorter stay than assumed).

Confirmation of stay


During the mobility

Upon arrival at a partner university, you have to send the confirmation of stay signed by the authorized person at the host university to your Erasmus+ Program Coordinator to the address:

If it is necessary to make a change in your LA, you can do it within the first two weeks of your stay at the host university. Changes in your LA must be accepted by all parties (sending university, host institution and the student).

Confirmation of stay

Changes in the LA if any


Before the mobility
Have you been accepted for the mobility? It is your responsibility to apply for an EHIC card and to obtain the Faculty Dean’s permission for a foreign trip and to provide the Erasmus + Program Coordinator with your bank details necessary to prepare your financial agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, you have to complete an online language test in OLS system and join a language course.


Bank details necessary Program Erasmus

Learning Agreement for Studies 2017-2018

Dean’s permission